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Tips for Freshwater Fishing

Fishing in non-salty waters, or freshwater fishing, is a popular type of fishing due to its simple learning curve and the variety of fish species that can be caught using different techniques. Freshwater fishing spots are readily available across all…

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Fly Line Mending Techniques

Fly Line Mending Techniques

To effectively repair your fly streak, you need to throw a certain part of your fly upstream. Mending a fly streak is not easy, it is hard to have the fly streak move up and down the river and that…

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TOP 3 Best Ice Fishing Boots in 2023

Best Ice Fishing Boots

When it comes to ice fishing, there are a few pieces of essential gear you need to make the most of the experience. And while boots might not top your list, they’re one of the most important items you can…

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10 Best Places to Fly Fish in the USA

No matter where you are in the United States, you are always close to great water bodies. 1. Madison River, MT The Madison River in Montana is a top destination for anglers from all over the world. Its clear water…

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TOP-5 Fishing Rods

Though nothing beats a day spent fishing in a favorite area, novice anglers may feel overwhelmed when faced with the choice of which rod to buy. Many parameters, such as line weight, length, and rod power, go into determining the…

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