Best Fishing Lures for Redfish

fishing lures for redfish

There are numerous options available when it comes to selecting lures for targetingred fish. Whether using soft plastics, spoon lures, crankbaits, or even fly fishing flies, each lure offers its own unique advantages and can be highly effective under specific conditions. Experimentation is key to identifying what works best on any given day. Catch more by adding best fishing lures for redfish to your tackle box arsenal now!

Soft Plastic Baits

best fishing lures for redfish

In addition to the aforementioned lures, soft plastic baits are another popular option when targeting redfish. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing anglers to match the prey that redfish commonly feed on.

The paddle tail swimbaits are particularly effective for mimicking baitfish. Their lifelike swimming action and soft texture make them irresistible to hungryred drum. Anglers can rig them on a jig head or use a weighted Texas rig for weedless presentations in grassy areas.

Gulp! Shrimp is another popular choice among redfish anglers. Made from biodegradable material infused with attractant scent, these shrimp imitations offer incredible realism and scent dispersion underwater. When combined with a slow retrieve or subtle twitching motion, Gulp! Shrimp can entice even the most finickyred drum into biting.

Spoon Lures

Spoon lures have been around for many years and continue to be one of the go-to options when targetingred fish. These metal lures feature a concave shape that creates wobbling vibrations as they move through the water column.

The silver spoon lure, in particular, has proven its effectiveness time and again for catching big reds. It closely resembles a fleeing baitfish and can be retrieved at various speeds to mimic different prey behaviors.

RED Fish are known predators that cannot resist these flashy spoons dancing enticingly through their hunting grounds.


Crankbaits work well when you need to cover a lot of ground quickly in search of actively feedingRED Drum.Red Drum often hold close to structure, such as rocks or oyster beds. The lip on a crankbait allows it to dive quickly and reach the desired depth where the redfish might be lurking.

Opt for shallow-diving crankbaits when targetingred drum in shallower waters and deeper-diving options if youre fishing in deeper areas.

Fly Fishing Flies

For fly anglers pursuingred fish, various flies have proven successful over the years. Classic patterns like Clouser Minnows, EP Shrimp, or Crab patterns consistently produce bites from these powerful fish.

The key is to choose flies that mimic the primary food sources of redfish present in your area. Check with local fly shops or seek advice from experienced guides who can recommend effective pattern choices based on seasonal conditions and prey availability.

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